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Jonas Weirtz

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95% of traffic doesn't go past page 1 on Google, so don't settle for page two or worse. Search engine optimization has become very important for any business that wants to establish a presence online. Usability, site structure and strategic content placement all play an important role in getting your site to dominate the keywords of your choice. With the right on and off-site optimizations, your brand can get an edge on your competitors in the search engine page results.

Paid Search

Did you know 65% paid search clicks come from age 35 and over? Or that women are more likely to click paid search ads? Although paid ads only account for 6% of the total clicks on search engines, PPC (pay per click) campaigns are incredibly popular in a lot of industries. Demographic & behavioral targeting technologies are extremely powerful for getting the most out of your paid search campaigns. Follow your campaign data closely to maximize revenue for every dollar spent.


Need help on your website? I will help you develop the optimal website structure for search engine compatibility. Is your website not ranking well? I'll provide you a free website audit at your request. Are your paid search campaigns running efficiently? Let me take a look and I'll provide free advice on how to get more conversions from your budget. Account management services also available. Don't get ripped off by a low-quality agency with good salesmen. Consult a digital expert.

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Websites on page 1 get 95% of the traffic, while sites on page 2 only get 5%.

Page 1 vs. Page 2 Clicks
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Internet users 35 and up account for 65% of all clicks on paid search ads.

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About Jonas Weirtz

As a digital marketing expert, Jonas Weirtz creates effective ways to engage and build relationships with relevant consumers. Whether consumers are actively seeking out your content or not, there are clever ways to get your brand found and recognized across multiple digital platforms. Jonas Weirtz specializes in establishing strong digital authority through optimized web design & content, paid search services, and search engine compatibility.

Tracking and analyzing data is key to success on the Internet. With a background in both economics and computer science, Jonas has the keen ability to decipher web-driven analytics and develop focused strategies to improve your digital campaign performance. Numbers don't lie and nothing speaks louder than clear, measurable results.

While earning his economics degree at Occidental, an esteemed liberal arts college in Los Angeles, Jonas also pursued self-education in web development. He started his independent and effective digital marketing career making websites for local LA bands and DJs, which led directly to online ticketing for live events. Shortly after graduating, Jonas was managing more than five hundred websites and over 3 million dollars a year in paid search campaigns in the extremely competitive automotive industry before he headed SEO and paid search at eHarmony for two years. Currently, he is a Senior Marketing Analyst at System1 in Venice where he plans and executes over $30,000 of ad buys per day. On the side, he works on his dropshipping website, World Bazaar.

Jonas Weirtz takes on projects in every industry. Make it your goal to be visible and get recognized. A pretty website does a business no good if your customers can't find it. Profitable companies know that a specialized digital marketing consultant is necessary to get desired results.

Please contact Jonas to resource and develop your essential digital strategy today.

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